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Please note we are not currently taking any intensive driving courses. 

Since the introduction of the theory test it has made it sometimes impractical to learn to drive in a week and as such, it can take longer if a course has being chosen that requires the theory test to be included. This can be overcome by passing the theory test in advance to taking most if your lessons in the week(s) leading to your test.

10 Hour Courses. The 10 hour course is for people who have already taken a previous test and just need to refresh their knowledge before taking another. This course can also be taken with the theory test included in the price.

20 Hour Course. The 20 hour course is for people who have done some driving before but need  to polish up their practical experience before going for the practical driving test.

30 Hour Course The 30 hour course is designed for the person with very little to no driving experience and is geared for the more progressive type learner.

40 Hour course. The 40 hour course is for the complete novice and is geared for the late 20`s and above age range.

Please note for each course we provide an opportunity to have an assessment lesson so the Instructor can recommend the best course for the individual. With the concentrated nature of the course it is assumed that some people may take more or less time than recommended at the assessment and pupils should be ready to accept that and be prepared to have additional lessons if required.