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The Part 2 Test can be the easiest of the 3 tests as it is usually the one thing that most PDI`s have done and enjoy and is one of the more common reason people want to become driving instructors to pass on their knowledge.

This test will require preparation but can be minimised to between 5 and 20 hours depending on your previous standard of driving.

The test is around 1 hour long and includes both town and motorway/ dual carriageway driving where you must exercise skill and control. It also includes the manoeuvres of; Turn in the Road (3 point turn), Reversing around both a left and right corner and reverse parking manoeuvres. You will also be required to carry out an emergency stop at high speed ( this varies but usually above 30 mph).
The maximum amount of minor driving faults you may commit is 6. If you pass this test you will be able to proceed onto the final Part 3 Test.

If you fail you will only be allowed to take the test a further two times if you fail this test 3 times you will have to wait 2 years from the time you passed your part one before you can start again from test one (you will not be able to take the Part 3 test until you have past Parts 1 and 2 so preparation is essential).

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