Many people have the mis-conception that the Part 1 test will be solely on the highway code and end up failing to pass this at the first attempt because of the lack of preparation. Although there will be some questions on the highway code questions are set into four sections.

More information on the tests can be found by purchasing an ADI 14 from the DSA and also the information required to pass the part 1 theory test.

The test requires you to have a full knowledge of driving, the mechanics of the car, learning people with disabilities and various learning techniques.

Most of the information can be found in the books listed below and are usually found at the major high street book stores. ( Please note every effort is made to ensure accuracy but this is not guaranteed please refer to the ADI 14)

ADI 14 (DSA Publication £3.50)

DSA Guide for Driving Instructors (DSA Publication £18.99)
The Highway Code (DSA publication latest version)

The Driving Manual (DSA Publication £12.99)

The Driving Test (DSA Publication £3.99)

Know your traffic signs (DSA Publication £2.50)

The Driving Instructors Handbook (Latest Version £14.99)

Instructional Techniques and Practices for Driving Instructors  (by L  Walkin £13.50)

DL25A/B Driving test Report.

The Motor Vehicles (Driving Licences) regulations 1996 (as amended £8.70)

The Motor Car (Ladybird Book)

The four sections are made up of questions out of the above books and you are required to reach 80% in each section. Each section has 25 questions so the test comprises of 100 multi-choice questions which must reach an overall pass mark of 85% so this means you could score 94% and still fail if you manage to get only 19 questions correct in any one section.

Preparation is Essential

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