Before you can consider becoming an Approved Driving Instructor you must have held a clean driving license for 4 years out of the previous 6 and not have any criminal convictions (For more information on this contact The DSA Stanley House Nottingham).

If you meet these requirements you must apply and supply character references with your first test application form.

If you are accepted you will be given a Part 1 test date. The Part 1 test is a theory test where you must reach at least 85% overall and a minimum of 80% in 4 different sections. If you pass this test you are allowed to go onto Test 2 which is your Driving Ability Test. This test lasts approximately 1 hour and requires you to make a maximum of 6 minor driving faults. If you pass this test you are allowed to continue on to the final test which is your Instructional Ability Test. This test comprises of the SE ADI emulating a learner driver in both the novice or partly trained stage (phase 1) and that of a trained driver. If you pass this test you are invited to join the DSA`s ADI register.
When qualified you are required to maintain a minimum standard and are required to present yourself for continued ability check tests whenever the SE ADI requires you to. You must also maintain your eligibility status as required to become included in the ADI register. If you pass your check test you will be graded between 4 and 6 (6 being the highest) and required to renew your registration every 4 years.

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